‘Anatomy of Peace’ a book that is life-changing columnist

The newest York instances recently asked its visitors to submit the title of a guide and a quick description of exactly how the guide changed their life. A lot more than 1,300 visitors reacted.

Interestingly, a few of the participants were not able to mention only 1 guide which had such an impact on them.

I did son’t have such a challenge. The guide that changed my life, ended up being the “Anatomy of Peace” by Emery Reves.

Whenever in 1954, during the levels associated with the Cold War, we escaped from Communist Czechoslovakia, she hid the translation that is czech of Anatomy of Peace” in her own suitcase. To accomplish therefore was having a big danger because we left the nation with false passports under assumed names. But my partner knew it had been a written guide that has been my Bible.

The guide is a uniquely penetrating study that is sociopolitical analyzes, in a scientifically detached method, what causes wars. It offers a blueprint for building a lasting comfort. (mais…)

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