Ignore rainbow parties, intercourse bracelets and sexting: Today’s young ones never have gone crazy

Salon talks to your authors of the brand new guide about exactly what your teenagers are really doing nowadays

It really is probably one of the most infamous episodes of “The Oprah Winfrey Show. ” Guest Michelle Burford, a journalist for O Magazine, warned the studio market, “Hold on to your underwear because of this one. ” Then she proceeded to spell it out a frightening phenomenon that is new young adults: the rainbow celebration. “It’s a gathering where oral intercourse is done, ” she stated. “And a rainbow arises from most of the girls placed on lipstick and every one sets her lips across the penis of this gentleman or men who’re here to get favors and makes a mark in a place that is different your penis — thus, the expression rainbow. ” Whenever Oprah asked whether such events had been typical, Burford responded, “Among the list of 50 girls we chatted to. (mais…)

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