What lengths is Too Far? What the Bible claims about Christian Dating and Sex

Christian dating and intercourse is a hot subject in today’s culture. I’m thankful for my buddy, Ana, and her viewpoint on dating and intercourse within our show on closeness and Christian sex.

Christian Dating and Intercourse

Dating for Today’s Christian: How Long is just too Far?

“ You know you don’t buy a vehicle without taking it for a try, right?”

It absolutely was only a little embarrassing. A buddy. a friend that is male wanting to inform me personally that intercourse before marriage ended up being a necessity by comparing it to an automobile purchase.

He had been searching from“purchasing” a lemon for me(or so he said) and trying to keep me.

I became a solitary mother with two small children at that time so we are able to go right ahead and simply deal with the elephant when you look at the space. (mais…)

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