6 reasons for Vaginal Odor — What’s Normal & when you should view a Doctor

Vaginas are just like snowflakes — they’re all unique. But a very important factor they will have in accordance is that everybody experiences odors that are vaginal. Quite often, it is not cause of concern — it is simply par for the program and a completely normal element of having a vagina. However for understandable reasons, a lot of us have worried that the genital smell could suggest there’s an underlying medical problem.

That concern may also be warranted — specific vaginal smells are an illustration it is time and energy to schedule a consultation along with your OB-GYN because something might be amiss. But how will you understand whenever an odor is wholly normal so when it is time for you to make an appointment with the doctor? Listed below are six factors behind genital smells and those that are an indicator you ought to sign in together with your doctor.

Menstruation & post-sex bleeding

“During or rigtht after a duration, the vagina may smell metallic as a result of iron through the tissue and blood breakdown into the uterus,” Dr. Foye Ikyaator, a doctor, informs SheKnows. Ikyaator explains that after there’s blood when you look at the genital canal, this breakdown releases iron. Whenever bleeding does occur during or after sex, it would likely additionally be combined with an odor that is metallic. (mais…)

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