Dug out my copies of ‘Deep Soul Treasures’, the four volume show published by Dave Godin, for the recent road journey

Got me considering Godin’s evangelical part in distributing the Soul gospel right right here in the united kingdom.

World War II had been the catalyst for a wider admiration of black colored music on these shores, through the United States bases that have been spread around Britain, for where America went therefore did its culture. The major conduit had been the jukebox, which had become big company Stateside when you look at the ’40s, entering its golden age into the ’50s when manufacturers, the Seeburg Corporation, replaced the old shellac 78 rpm documents in 1950 with 45 rpm plastic pressings (7” singles). Jukeboxes had been standard at US military barracks and black US servicemen could have theirs filled up with the most recent Rhythm & Blues songs.

Dave Godin came to be in Peckham, London, but their family members had relocated to Bexleyheath in Kent during wartime.

It had been as a teen during the Silver Lounge Ice Cream Parlour, on the town’s Broadway, which he first arrived over the music that will contour his life, thanks to a newly set up jukebox, acquired from the nearby US base, complete with US 45s. In a write-up written for Grand Slam mag in 2003, 50 years on out of this epiphany, Godin recalled:

A team of teenage boys had been seated by this novelty that is marvellous and constantly placing cash directly into keep consitently the documents rotating, and I also had NEVER heard music want it prior to! This wasn’t the crapola slush of popular music as expounded by White folks – it was genuine guys and genuine females (instead of girls and boys), speaing frankly about real interests and emotions that are hard! This is no-shit truth to me, and we had been hooked.

We went up to the equipment to see just what had been playing, and determined I’d to obtain my very own content. The chaps who’d pretty much taken fee from it noticed my interest and something of these asked me personally if we liked that music. (mais…)

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