All you wished to learn about bottoming but had been too afraid to inquire of. Just how to get ready for anal intercourse

It’s important to know all the facts when it comes to having safe and pleasurable anal sex. Understanding that, we asked Dr. Joseph Terlizzi, a fresh York-based colon and rectal doctor, for the lowdown on what gay and bi males can prepare, simple tips to perform some deed, and exactly how to keep safe post-coital. Take a look at his professional advice on the best way to make rectal intercourse more enjoyable:

Simple tips to Prepare for Bottoming (Along Side Some Traditional Errors)

While keeping hygiene that is anal essential, individuals are generally too fastidious with regards to clearing up before rectal intercourse. Typical errors we see patients make include chemical that is using (the perfumes and preservatives make sure they are irritating) and wiping way too much (friction can result in abrasions). This causes skin round the rectum in order to become inflamed, resulting in thickening and finally irritation or disquiet with intercourse. (mais…)

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